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2018-06-26 11:57:37

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Summer is here, the weather is warm and it's time to play. Are the kids already bored? Utah has so many amazing things to do and see. Many things on our list of 99 Things to do in Utah in the Summer are free and some aren't. Pick and choose what fun things work for you and your family and get your summer started! (Click here for a printable pdf of the list.)

1. Star gazing party - Check out the Salt Lake Astronomical Society calendar and look for 'public star party' to find a free star party near you.

2. Camping - Check out our list of the Top 15 Best Camping and Fishing Spots in Utah.

3. Visit a National Park - See our list of the National Park Fee-Free Days for 2018 for more info on free days and reduced passes for those who qualify.

4. Swimming - Grab your gear and head to your favorite swimming hole, don't forget the sunscreen!

5. Find Fireflies - Think Utah doesn't have fireflies, think again. A new website hosted by the Utah Museum of Natural History links you to an interactive Google map that tracks fireflies right here in Utah.

99 Things to do in Utah in the Summer-Coupons4Utah

6. Lagoon - We have all the details on how to save money at Lagoon this summer.

7. Cook in a Dutch Oven - Everything tastes better when cooked in a dutch oven. For some great dutch over recipes check out Utah Dutch Oven champion, Bruce Tracy's book Dutch Oven Baking on Amazon for only $13.92.

8. Visit a water park - Utah has a variety of water parks with slides and pools for all ages. If you are a frequent visitor of Seven Peaks Salt Lake, considering get a Pass of all Passes for endless admission all summer long. Best deal for the pass can be found at this link.


9. Go on a hike - We have great hiking trails all over Utah. Here is a list of some of our favorite Day Hikes in the Salt Lake Area. Also visit Best Utah Hikes Pinterest board by Wanderookie.

10. Concert in the park - Check out our amazing list of Free Outdoor Concerts and venues from all around Utah.

11. Attend a parade - From the big 4th of July and 24th of July parades to the small town parades, 'everybody loves a parade'.

12. Kid's $1 movies - Cinemark and Megaplex both have cheap kids movies during the summer. Get more info here.

13. Go to a rodeo - Go to www.Rodeoz.com for a current list of rodeos all over the state of Utah.

99 Things to do in Utah in the Summer-Coupons4Utah

14. Splash at a splash pad - You will want to check out our very popular list of 60+ Utah Splashpads before you head out.

15. BBQ - Pull out the grill and host a backyard BBQ. Here are some great tips on how to grill the perfect burger.

16. Try a food truck - Food trucks are getting so popular in Utah. Check out this list of Utah Food Truck Roundups.


17. Fireworks - Visit out our annual list of Fireworks Displays in Utah

18. Hogle Zoo - We are lucky to have a great zoo in Salt Lake. Meet the Polar Bears,Hope and Nora as well as the new Red Foxes. Check out this post for coupons and other ways to save on your trip to the Zoo.

19. Go geocaching - Check out Joani's post to get you started Geocaching in Utah.

20. Antelope Island - Antelope Island is the largest of the 9 islands in the Great Salt Lake. Go here to find out more about visiting Antelope Island.

99 Thing s to do in Utah in the Summer-Coupons4Utah

21. Try a new park - This is such a simple and free thing to do and can provide hours of fun. 

22. Visit a museum - Utah.com has a great list of museums all over Utah for you to choose from.

23. Trampoline park - Trampoline parks are a great physical activity in an air conditioned building, perfect for a hot summer day. Check out the current trampoline park deals on Groupon.

24. Drive In movie - If you are lucky enough to have a drive in movie theater near you this is a must for a warm summer evening. You can also create your own backyard drive in.

25. 5K run or walk - There are great 5k runs or walks out there for every fitness level and age range and some support local charities. Visit our list of local races here.

26. Homemade ice cream - If you are looking for a great indoor ice cream maker check out this well-reviewed Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker.  Kids would love this!

99 Things to do in Utah in the Summer-Coupons4Utah

27. This is the Place Heritage Park - If you've never had a chance to visit This is the Place Heritage Park, it's packed full of fun things to do. Mention 'Coupons4Utah' to save $2 per ticket.

28. Go to a soda shop - An ice cold soda can be a fun treat after a long day in the sun.

29. Nature scavenger hunt - Outdoor scavenger hunts are a fun way to get out and enjoy nature!

30. Smore's - Chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker, need I say more? You'll love this easy S'more Snack Mix recipe that doesn't even require a fire pit!

31. Farmer's Market - There is so much local arts, crafts, foods and products to see, taste and buy at a Farmer's Market. If you need any help finding one near you, check out our Big List of Farmer's Markets in Utah.

99 Things to do in Utah in the Summer-Coupons4Utah

32. Go to a lake - Did you know Utah has over 100 lakes and reservoirs suitable for boating? Here is a list of the most popular lakes.

33. Watch hot air balloons - Did you realize there are hot air balloon festivals all around the state this summer? Check out our full list of Utah Hot Air Balloon Festivals to see if there is one near  you.

34.  outside - Under the stars, in a tent or on a trampoline, ing outside on a warm summer night is a must.

35. Science experiments - Science experiments can help keep kids brains from going to mush during those summer months. Need some ideas, follow our Science for Kids Pinterest Board.

36. Library events - Libraries are wonderful sources of educational and fun events for kids during the summer. Check your local library for a calendar of events.

37. Summer camps - See this list for some great deals on local summer camps with classes on cooking, computers, animals and more.

38. Go on a picnic - Pack up the food and head to the backyard, a local park or to one of our beautiful canyons.

99 Things to do in Utah in the Summer-Coupons4Utah

39. Alpine Slide/Coaster - Park City boasts one of the longest slides in the world and the ski lift ride up to the Alpine Slide and Coaster is beautiful. 

40. Watermelon seed spitting contest - Slice a watermelon and see who can spit the seeds the furthest, it's lots of fun!

41. Free summer bowling - The Kids Bowl Free program is a great way to bowl this summer for just the cost of shoe rental.

99 Things to do in Utah in the Summer-Coupons4Utah

42. Visit a dinosaur museum - You will want to check out our list of 13 Fabulous Places to See Dinosaurs to find one near you.

43. Outdoor theater - Outdoor plays are a great way to get some culture during the summer months. In northern Utah, the Scera Outdoor Theater in Orem is fun and in southern Utah,  Tuacahn can't be beat.

44. Learn something new - Summer is a great time to learn something new. Take tennis lessons, learn how to sew or learn to cook a new recipe.

45. Get snow cones - My hubby loves a good snow cone! Our recommendation, try Hokulia Hawaiian shave ice, there are locations from Logan to St. George.

46. Thanksgiving Point - Thanksgiving Point has so much to offer- gardens, shopping, farm, golf, movie theater and two different museums.

47. Baseball Game - It could be a SL Bees game or a little league game, but make sure to get some peanuts and cracker jacks! Check out this post for deals on SL Bees tickets as well as news about fun things coming up at games.

Bunch O Balloons

48. Water balloon fight - Kids love a good water balloon fight but as a parent I hate filling water balloons! If you are like me you will want to check out these Bunch O Balloons, you can fill up to 100 balloons per minute. I've tried these and they really work!

49. Backyard Slip 'n Slide - If you are an overachiever, you may want to try making your own giant slip n slide.

50. Go on a factory tour - Many factory tours are free and really fascinating. You can see our visit to Sweet's Candy Factory here. Another fun one is  Mrs. Cavanaugh's, it costs $1 and is located in North Salt Lake.

51. Wash the car with the hose - Sneak in some chores disguised as fun!

52. Road trip - There are so many amazing places to visit here in Utah. If you are traveling with kids be sure to check out these great products to make your road trip stress free.

53. Lemonade stand for charity - Lemonade stands are a great way for kids to learn entrepreneurial skills and if you give the proceeds to charity, they can learn giving too.

99 Things to do in Utah in the Summer-Coupons4Utah

54. Go fishing - For more information about fishing in Utah check out the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. For a list of our favorite fishing spots, check out this popular post.

55. Pajama day - Who doesn't love a pajama day now and then. Plan a pajama day and enjoy some air conditioning.

56. Explore using UTA - Explore by bus, Trax or FrontRunner.

57. Tie dye t-shirts - Tie dye an old t-shirt many colors or red, white and blue for the 4th.

58. Yard sale - De-clutter and earn a little extra money for your vacation. For some great tips on hosting a killer yard sale watch for Joani's article in July's issue of MyUtahJournals.

59. Make homemade freezer jam - Freezer jam is a great way to use up extra fruit from your fruit trees and it is super easy too! You can find our instructions for Peach Freezer Jam here.

60. Go to a Utah waterfall - Go here for a list of beautiful Utah waterfalls.

61. Make a bird feeder - There are a wide variety of DIY bird feeders that will fill your garden with birds.

62. Visit a Utah historic site - Visiting the Pony Express Trail or The Golden Spike National Monument can be a history lesson you won't forget.

99 Things to do in Utah in the Summer-Coupons4Utah

63. Tour a government building - The Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake or the Territorial Statehouse in Fillmore are just a few of the educational and interesting government buildings in Utah.

64. Make your own Slurpees - See this tutorial for making this refreshing favorite at home.

65. Visit grandparents - If you are lucky enough to have living grandparents, go see them and learn from them.

66. Take a scenic Utah drive -  Check out these scenic Utah Byways next time you want to take a leisurely drive.

67. Free workshops - Free workshops can be found at expos, home improvement stores, Lakeshore Learning and Lego stores to name a few.

68. Homemade sprinkler - Homemade sprinklers can be as easy as an empty 2-liter soda bottle.

69. Outdoor movies in the park - Check out our big list of free movies in the park.

70. Make peach cobbler - Peach cobbler is simple to make and the perfect way to use those juicy Utah peaches.

71. Join a summer reading program - We have rounded up some great summer reading programs in Utah that reward kids for continuing to read in the summer.

72. Attend local festivals - Most cities and towns have a local festival that celebrate the history and flavors that make it unique. For example, Swiss Days in Midway, Onion Days in Payson and Jacob Hamblin Days in Kanab.

73. Start a book club - Gather some neighborhood kids and start a summer book club.

74. Summer photo shoot - This could be taking photos of summer flowers or the kids doing their favorite summer activity.

99 Things to do in Utah in the Summer-Coupons4Utah

75. Watch the sunrise - This would be a fun tradition to celebrate the summer solstice. (2018 Summer Solstice is at 4:07 am on June 21st.)

76. Start a journal - This is a great way to record summer fun and keep your kids writing. Click here for a free printable summer journal.

77. Bird watching - One of the easiest species of birds to watch are ducks. They are so animated and the kids just love them. Keep in mind that you should never feed ducks bread. It's like junk food for them and can harm the ducklings. You should substitute Cheerios, grapes cut in half, a thawed bag of frozen peas, corn, kale, romaine or other leafy greens (not iceberg lettuce). 

78. Temple Square - Temple Square has amazing architecture and history. You can also catch a free organ recital at the Tabernacle.

79. Family game night - Board games are often overlooked by kids in favor of video games. If you need some new family board games, check out our 10 Favorite Board Games for All Ages. Pull out those board games and get playing!

80. Tracy Aviary - Tracy Aviary is a fun place to learn about our feathered friends and conservation. 

81. Make a solar oven -  Solar ovens are such a great way to learn about the power of the sun. Try to make smore's or cookies, you'll be amazed.

82. Plant a tree or flowers - Gardening is great for kids because it requires some responsibility and it's good for the earth. If you don't have a lot of room, consider container gardening.

99 Things to do in Utah in the Summer-Coupons4Utah

83. Visit a farm- Utah has a lot of fun farms to visit. Two of our favorites are Wheeler Farm in Murray and Peterson Family Farm in Riverton.

84. Go to Utah Olympic Park - At the Utah Olympic Park you can take a tour, watch ski jumpers practice and even take a ride in a bobsled. 

85. Ride the Heber Valley Railroad - The Heber Creeper train runs scenic routes from Heber through Provo Canyon. We've listed some great deals for the Heber Valley Railroad here.

86. Family talent show - This idea is great for extended families too.


87. Leatherby's - Leatherby's is famous for their generous servings of ice cream. Remember to take the Leatherby's coupon from your Utah Happenings Entertainment book. If you aren't near a Leatherby's, visit your favorite ice cream shop.

88. Mini golfing - Miniature golfing can be found from Logan to St. George and is fun for all ages.

89. Origami YouTube videos - Searching up origami tutorials is a fun activity on a rainy summer afternoon.

90. Living Planet Aquarium - The new Living Planet Aquarium is a splurge but it is as close as you'll get to a shark in Utah.

91. Timpanogos Cave - Timpanogos Cave is a popular geologic wonder. It does require tickets, go here for more info.

92. Take a painting class - Have you noticed how popular painting classes have become? Group painting classes make a fun girls night out or date night. There are also classes for kids. For discounts search painting on Groupon.

93. Try a new cuisine - Summer is the time to be adventurous. Try a new restaurant or eat something you've never tried before.

94. Volunteer - Check out this list of volunteer opportunities in Utah.

95. Ice skating - An indoor ice skating rink can be a nice way to cool down in the summer.

99 Things to do in Utah in the Summer-Coupons4Utah

96. Go to a Real Salt Lake or Real Monarchs game - Sandy is home to the 2009 MLS Cup champions. Go to Real Salt Lake to buy tickets. For those on a tighter budget, the Real Monarchs are a great solution for seeing a soccer game for a bargain.

97. Go for a bike ride - On a mountain trail or on your way to work, biking is great exercise.

98. Outlet shopping - Utah has outlet malls in Draper, Traverse Mtn, Park City and St. George.

99. Night games - Kick the can, anyone?



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