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2018-03-27 12:30:07
16 DIY Easter Centerpieces!

Are you hosting Easter dinner this week? Or just want a beautiful centerpiece for the Easter/Spring season? Here is a list of 16 gorgeous Easter Centerpiece Ideas both simple and more elaborate. Enjoy!

1. Glass Dome Flora & Carrot DIY Easter Centerpiece Design

Glass Dome Flora & Carrot DIY Easter Centerpiece Design

What better way to show off the beauty of spring in a beautiful vegetable and flower centerpiece? This easy DIY is bright and colorful, and sure to bring a lovely feeling into any room that it is placed in. It is super easy to make, and you can vary it up however you want to.

DIY Project Details: southernliving.com

2. Cherry Blossom Easter Egg Tree

Cherry Blossom Easter Egg Tree

Cherry Blossoms are some of the most beautiful flowers around, and a centerpiece with beautiful pastel eggs is a perfect choice this easter. This centerpiece can look good on your tables or near your doorway. Christmas gets its tree; easter should too don’t you think?

DIY Project Details: hometalk.com

3. Pretty Pink Posey Egg Display

Pretty Pink Posey Egg Display

Pairing up painted eggs with flowers is always a good option for easy to make easter decor. Painting your eggs to match the color of the flowers is a good way to give your centerpiece a color pallet that matches, and is easy to work with.

DIY Project Details: rangirangi.com

4. “The Grass Is Always Greener” Easter Egg Dish

"The Grass Is Always Greener" Easter Egg Dish

Green is a beautiful color to bring in a little bit of spring into your home. This easy DIY uses wheatgrass tied together with a pretty ribbon and a bow in a dish which you probably already have at home. Paint a few eggs in colors that you like, and you have a centerpiece worthy of attention.

DIY Project Details: vitamin-ha.com

5. Jolie Mason Jar Spring Bouquet

Jolie Mason Jar Spring Bouquet

Mason Jar centerpieces are neat and easy to pull off. This DIY involves picking out some of the most beautiful flowers that you can find and put them into a mason jar that is painted according to your favorite color. You can even paint patterns in the jar if you like.

DIY Project Details: pastelsandmacarons.com

6. Metropolitan Metallic Easter Egg Display

Metropolitan Metallic Easter Egg Display

Metallic accents always add a certain amount of flair to any centerpiece, making them look rich. Using plastic metallic Easter eggs, you can make a beautiful centerpiece that is worthy of good easter decor.

DIY Project Details: bktribe.blogspot.com

7. A Mossy Path Egg Arrangement

A Mossy Path Egg Arrangement

Why just have one small part of your table filled with a centerpiece when you can have the entire middle portion filled with accents that remind everyone about the joys of spring and easter? This beautiful mossy path egg arrangement is so easy to do and Instagram worthy!

DIY Project Details: marthastewart.com

8. Snow White Blossom Log DIY Centerpiece for Easter

Snow White Blossom Log DIY Centerpiece for Easter

White, green and brown, when paired together are some of the most beautiful spring colors that can go along with almost any kind of decor. This cute DIY log centerpiece is so easy to make and only requires a few things.

DIY Project Details: thedailybasics.com

9. “Peeping” Pink Tulip Planter Display

"Peeping" Pink Tulip Planter Display

Who says that easter centerpieces have to be subtle and pastel? If you want to go in for something unique, try going in for a centerpiece with bright, bold colors. This peeping pink tulip planter is the perfect example of this!

DIY Project Details: momalwaysfindsout.com

10. Farmhouse Robin’s Nest Tabletop Arrangement

Farmhouse Robin

If you don’t have much time on your hands and want to make a cute and easy centerpiece, color a few eggs and place them on a bed of hay upon a tabletop or plate. It’s easy to make and beautiful to look at.

DIY Project Details: getcreativejuice.com

11. Rustic Easter Egg Candle Wreath

Rustic Easter Egg Candle Wreath

Wreaths aren’t only for Christmas and aren’t just for hanging on doors. This easter wreath is made using painted eggs and a big bow to piece them all together. Add a few more accents like a candle with a few green patches around, and you have a pretty Easter wreath to place on your table.

DIY Project Details: kirklands.com

12. Green Gingham Bunny Runner Display

Green Gingham Bunny Runner Display

Bring the easter bunny onto your table by using a bunny as a centerpiece. Place it in a neat little basket with a few flowers and eggs around it to give it a special easter touch.

DIY Project Details: feelitcool.com

13. True Blue Blossom Easter Egg

True Blue Blossom Easter Egg

Instead of making multiple small easter eggs, try making a super large one that is guaranteed to get you a lot of compliments. This one uses several pastel blue flowers glued together to give it a nice texture, and to make it look decorative. Don’t forget to place this on a nice holder or tabletop stand to make it look like an egg in a holder.

DIY Project Details: simplydesigning.porch.com

14. A Gatsby Easter: Elegant Tulip Vases

A Gatsby Easter: Elegant Tulip Vases

Putting dainty tulips in jars is a cute table top that you can make, which doesn’t involve much effort, and isn’t too big or flashy. You can create multiple of these and place them all around your home, or just one on your table for a cute and elegant feel.

DIY Project Details: weddingcolors.net

15. Trendy Tabletop Easter Egg Hunt

Trendy Tabletop Easter Egg Hunt

Using multiple pots, you can make a beautiful and trendy tabletop that spells out everything beautiful about the springtime and easter. Using pretty pastel flowers and some bright green grass, you can make this easy DIY centerpiece. This bright, beautiful centerpiece is sure to bring in a little bit of spring goodness into your life!

DIY Project Details: studiolabdecor.com.br

16. Country Charm Easter Egg Jar

Country Charm Easter Egg Jar

If you want a centerpiece that is budget and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, hit the dollar store and pick up a few decorative glasses.You can place a little bit of grass or leaves at the bottom of the glass and place a few painted eggs on the top to give it a good ol’ country feel that looks incredibly cute.

DIY Project Details: saltandpeppermoms.blogspot.com
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